Numerology will give you a better understanding of who you are and where you are going....


Numerology is the study of number vibrations unique to each individual, with the numbers being derived from your date of birth and full name.

These numbers can be used to gain a deeper understanding and insight into your personal life path, revealing hidden talents, suitable careers, relationship compatibility and future events.

Using your personal numbers we can decode your inner world, revealing subconscious blocks and personality traits that may prevent you from fulfilling your true destiny. Numerology will increase your spiritual awareness, opening new doors into your psyche.

Many of us walk through life without any true understanding of who we really are, or what our journey is about. Subconsciously we subscribe to labels given to us by other people, and become slaves to the expectations of others. Rarely do we look inward for answers.

We may fear rejection by others for choosing an unconventional way of living or a career path our parents disagree with.

The truth is, we wrote our own story, our own unique identity before we were even born.

By opening new doors into your psyche, numerology will increase your spiritual awareness, allowing the true you to surface and expand your horizons.